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Book Reviews


Book review - W.C. Heinz's Novel - "The Professional, The Making of a Boxing Classic"

Book review - July 2020 - "The King of Warsaw" by Szczepan Twardoch

Review of George Gilder's Life After Google and Interview with Author (2019)

"The Ros Muc Legend," THE MAN WHO WAS NEVER KNOCKED DOWN, by Ronan Mac
 ConIomaire, June 2018

"Exploring Post-War Jewish Identity," "My Mother's Son" by David Hirschberg, June 2018

Interview with Ilana Kurshan for her book, If All the Seas Were Ink

Book Review of David Grossman's A Horse Walks into a Bar

Book Review of Amos Oz's Judas

David Mamet's Secret Knowledge

Herman Wouk's The Language That God Talks

36 Arguments of the Existence of God by Rebecca Goldstein, plus Interview

Book Review -- Rashi, by Eli Wiesel

Book Review -- Passing Game: Benny Friedman and the Transformation of Football, by Murray Greenberg


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