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Empty Doorways
(Publication Date:  December 9, 2019)

Len Abram's newest novel

Published by Foundations Book Publishing.

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 The search is on for the missing black twelve-year-old, Gabriel Clay. Few know Gabriel has a secret, with built-in dangers. 

Seasoned Boston detectives Ben Schwartz and Al Di Natale join the search, knowing full well that the area the boy and his grandmother live in is plagued with drugs and violence. However, the school he attends, George Washington Carver Charter School, offers a first-rate education and an outstanding basketball program. 

Wounded Army captain, Ty Douglass, a graduate himself, returns from Afghanistan and joins the hunt. Douglass connects with old friends, Solomon Greer and Charles O’Toole ("Tool"). They share a tragedy from their youth; the unsolved murder of a friend. 

Empty Doorways has many secrets. Gabriel Clay has his, City Councilor Marty Doyle has his own, and Douglass wonders if Greer and Tool, whose illegal business is becoming more treacherous, know more about their friend’s death than they are admitting. 

Detectives Schwartz and Di Natale must risk their lives to uncover the secrets. 

Otherwise, there will be more empty doorways, more loved ones who never come home.



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Debris (Publication Date:  May 7, 2015) A Novel of War, Love and the Lusitania by Len Abram

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    Click here to read the firs three chapters of The Medallion by Len Abram
The Medallion


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The Medallion: (Publication Date:
December 1, 2014)

Click on the book cover to read the first four chapters of The Medallion  by Len Abram

On May 7, 1915, the Lusitania, Cunard's most luxurious vessel, winner of the international prize for the fastest ship of its kind, was torpedoed by a German U-boat in the Celtic Sea, Ireland.

The ship sank in 18 minutes with a loss of 1,201 lives, of which 128 were Americans. Among these were Alfred Vanderbilt, one of the richest men in America, and Charles Frohman, the impresario who brought the play Peter Pan to the New York stage.

Boston was well represented on the casualty list, including Leslie Lindsey, age 28. Her father William was  known in Boston as the self-made millionaire who became a writer. Leslie and her husband, sailing to England on their honeymoon, both drowned. When a trawler found her body, she still wore a necklace, her parents’ wedding gift.

William Lindsey and his wife Anne used the jewels as the down payment for a chapel in Leslie’s honor. Weddings are performed today in the Leslie Lindsey Memorial Chapel at 15 Newbury in Boston.

The Lusitania was carrying contraband, bullets and shells, so the ship was targeted regardless of the civilians.  The German Embassy warned travelers not to sail -- largely ignored.

How did German intelligence learn about the contraband? Spies. That much we know, along with the heroics of Vanderbilt and Frohman as the vessel sank.

Who these spies were, in the novel two young men from the German army and a young woman from the Ukraine,  and what happened to them and the people with whom their lives intersected,  that is what Debris, a 95,000 word work of fiction, attempts to find out. Click on this link for the first chapter.

The 100th anniversary of the disaster – and the publication date of the novel – was May 7, 2015.

Sasha Denisov, a Ukrainian immigrant and Chechen war veteran, drives a Boston cab.  He dreams of buying his own taxi medallion and remarrying Ani, a Russian immigrant, whom he first married to get a green card -- and then fell in love with.  She has other dreams, however, which she believes her work for an escort service will make come true.

When Sasha tries to purchase his medallion, he comes into conflict with a Colombian taxi owner, who has interests in drugs and prostitution.  In the violence that ensues, Sasha is forced to fall back on survival skills he learned in the brutality of the Chechen war and thought he would never need again.

The Medallion is an 70,000 word suspense novel set in contemporary Boston. If the novel has literary godfathers, they would be Robert Parker, Dennis Lehane and Martin Cruz Smith; the first two for compelling action around Boston, with its interesting history and ethnic diversity, a melting pot still coming to a boil; and the third writer for resilient characters in a failed society (the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation).  

In the tradition of Parker and Lehane, the novel careens through the streets and little known neighborhoods of Boston, following Sasha's attempt to woo his love and ensure his own survival, even as his freedom is threatened by Ben Schwartz, a Boston homicide detective nearing retirement. Haunted by a decade-old murder of a medical school professor in her prime, Schwartz and his partner Di Natale get an unexpected break in that case while pursuing Sasha and push both investigations forward.

In the novel, the transplanted Russians, Israelis, Somalis, Colombians, Haitians, among others and some illicitly, are pursuing the American Dream. Readers, I believe, will find a connection with their striving.

Boston Photograph:  Bryan A. Watkins